The Traditions That Got College Students Through Finals This Semester

The Traditions That Got College Students Through Finals This Semester

Finals bring out the frenzied college student in everyone, but luckily many schools have stress-busting traditions to help get students through. This past month, students across the nation streaked, midnight breakfast'ed, jammed and screamed their way through finals.

See the finals traditions that help college students relax.

Cram Jam

Schools threw "cram jams" with fun activities, treats and dances.

Merrimack College's Cram Jam was a winter wonderland with crafts, french toast sticks and a mini bowling alley.

The University of Hawaii had yoga, zumba, massages, pet therapy and comedy on top of snacks, drinks and a midnight breakfast at their Cram Jam over four days.

Maryville University:

Miami University:

Troy University:

LeMoyne College:

Midnight Breakfast

Other colleges like to reward their late-night studiers with midnight breakfasts. At Fordham University, Father McShane -- the school's president -- serves the late meal.

St. Mary's College had a Taylor Swift sing-a-long at their Midnight Breakfast.

Chapman University's had dance performances.

Mount Holyoke:

Rutgers University:

Babson College:

Barnard College also had their Midnight Breakfast, served by President Debora Spar, but this semester students staged a sit-in over the administration's lack of response to the Michael Brown and Eric Garner grand jury decisions.

Orgo Night

Across the street, Columbia University's semesterly tradition, Orgo Night, also faced criticism, with students calling for a boycott.

Every semester, the marching band goes into the library and does a satirical stand-up routine about events from that semester, punctuated with songs. It is frequently criticized and protested for offensiveness.

Streaking, of course

Harvard University's
biannual finals tradition was also the site of a protest this semester. Harvard's Primal Scream is a bit of a misnomer -- unlike other schools' Primal Screams, which just feature screaming, Harvard's Primal Scream is a naked run across campus, often aided by alcohol.
to have a four-and-a-half minute period of silence before the run in recognition of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, but many runners did not respect the silence.


At the University of Maryland, students leave offerings to Testudo, the school mascot, in hopes that it will help them pass their finals.

Club Milner

Illinois State University holds Club Milner -- named after their library -- a 10-minute dance party, with a DJ.

(From last semester)

Last, but not least, Primal Scream

And when all other stress-busters fail, just scream.

University of Southern California:

Smith College:

Columbia University:

Santa Clara University:

Swarthmore College

Let it all out.

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