GameDay Signs By Michigan Fans Tackle Te'o, Rudy And Inevitable Manziel-Miley Mashup (PHOTOS)

"Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs"

College football fans no longer tune into ESPN's "College GameDay" simply to see what type of head gear Lee Corso pulls on -- or what type of live animal makes an appearance. For many, the Worldwide Leader's weekly roadshow is all about the fans' signs. In the second week of the 2013 season, ESPN brought its traveling band of gridiron analysts to Ann Arbor, Mich. and the Wolverines' fans brought the jokes, insults and off-color commentary. There was also twerking, of course.

The fans in maize and blue made it quite clear that they haven't forgotten about the fictional girlfriend of a certain former Irish star.

There were a few digs at Notre Dame's iconic "Rudy."

Michigan fans also took more general swipes at Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly and members of the current team.

As usual, there were a few pop culture references mixed in among the football-related quips.

Of course, you can't please everybody...

For anyone wondering, Corso did also put on cap and handle livestock.



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