College Grads Unprepared For Workplace, Study Says

A York University study confirms that college grads entering the employment sector aren't quite ready for the tasks ahead of them.

NPR talked to the professors behind the study:

"What we found, was that there are a set of qualities, characteristics that these people would like to see in new college graduates," says David Polk, a York College professor. "Unfortunately, they tend to be lacking."

Those qualities include the ability to communicate and listen respectfully, motivation to finish a task and attention to appearance.

Researchers also found that graduates embodied a discernible sense of entitlement -- for, say, multiple weeks of vacation or rapid promotions.

York is working to better prepare its students for the workplace, urging them to ditch their flip-flops and cell phones and commit to their jobs.

to the report on NPR.

What do you think? Does this study hold water? Comment below.

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