College 'Hunk' Melts Hearts With Sweet Serenade For Older Woman

The voice of an angel.
College H.U.N.K.S. Mover stuns everyone when he sings like Joh...

One of our St. Louis team members was on a moving job at a senior living community when he spotted a piano and decided to do this...

Posted by College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving on Saturday, March 12, 2016

We're all just ordinary people, but this college "hunk" is extraordinary. AJ Carter-Johnson, a senior at Missouri Baptist University, is melting hearts (and quite possibly breaking the Internet) with a sweet serenade he performed for one very lucky resident at a St. Louis-area retirement community.

A video posted by College Hunks Hauling and Moving shows AJ beautifully belting out John Legend's "Ordinary People" for a delighted audience member.

Carter-Johnson told The Huffington Post that he and his coworker were just finishing up a moving job at the retirement community when he saw the piano and couldn't resist playing a tune last Thursday.

"I sat down at the piano while my friend, Troy, got some signatures. When he got back he saw the woman listening so he pulled up a chair for her," Carter-Johnson said. "What caught her attention was, I was playing 'Hallelujah,' and she walked over and said 'that's one of my favorite songs,' and asked if I could sing."

While Carter-Johnson sang, his friend recorded. In just the few days since it was posted, the video has gotten nearly 95,000 views on Facebook with hundreds of shares.

"I'm just extremely humbled that people think I'm talented and I'm blessed to be a blessing to that lady," he said.

And the woman clearly was moved by the performance. Carter-Johnson says she told him her late husband used to play for her. "I guess it took her back," he said.

Check out the video yourself to see the heartwarming moment.

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