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Man Lets Elderly Woman Stuck In Elevator Sit On Him In Kind Act Of Chair-ity

One company went above and beyond (or, more like below and beyond) to help out a woman in need.

The College Hunks moving company, based out of Tampa, Fla., gained some attention over the weekend for the kind action of one of its employees.

It all started when an elderly woman became stuck in an elevator with the moving team.

The woman told her elevator companions that she was unable to stand for long periods of time, so College Hunks employee Cesar Larios sprang into action and became a human chair for the woman to rest on while they waited for the elevator problems to be fixed, Nick Friedman, co-founder and president of the moving company, told The Huffington Post in an email.

college hunks hauling junk

"The response to the picture is mind blowing. Thousands of people are sharing it and posting it on social media," Friedman told HuffPost. "I think what's great about it is that it's a genuine moment caught on camera. A lot of people say the younger generation has lost certain values. But one small picture shows that chivalry and hard work are still very much alive in our youth."

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