Join HuffPost's College Reporting Team

Student news, I've always believed, is news in its purest. When I remember flipping through my campus daily in the dining hall before class, I remember thinking that most of what was on newsprint felt relevant to me. I knew the sources in stories and recognized the buildings in the photographs.

The same way that small town newspapers chronicle the history of a community, student journalists amplify the voice of a generation. When there's a protest on campus or reactions to world events, reporters from campus newspapers and magazines are often the first to cover it. When it comes to capturing the zeitgeist of America's youth, student bloggers are inevitably the best.

With the launch of our newest vertical, HuffPost wants to provide student journalists with a national stage to showcase their work. We've been partnering with campus daily newspapers and recruiting the best bloggers on college issues. But we also want to produce original news stories with our tested citizen journalism model.

Here's how it will work.

We're putting out a call for applications to join our citizen journalism unit. Specifically, we'll be bringing about 30 students, both photojournalists and videographers, to cover college issues for us. There will be weekly assignments, training events, crowdsourcing projects, and most importantly, daily access to HuffPost editors.

If you're interested in applying, just click JOIN NOW below. Tell us why you'd like to be a part of HuffPost's citizen journalism team. Applications will be due by at 5pm, Friday, February 26th.

Again, student news is news in its purest. And reporters on campus will soon be reporters on the streets. You are the future of the news.