College Roommate Advice From Students Who Have Been There (VIDEO)

WATCH: How To Cope With A Terrible College Roommate

Moving into a college dorm is like playing the lottery, and the person you're living alongside could be a new best friend or a messy, angry nightmare.

If you end up with a perfect roommate match, things are pretty easy. But what if the other person occupying your new digs is a completely incompatible personality? A few college students with some experience under their belts joined HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker to offer their best roommate war stories.

Paige Ladisic, a sophomore at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, admits she would likely have had an issue with any roommate she ended up with. As an only child, she was totally unaccustomed to sharing space and unprepared to lose her privacy.

"Coming into it, it was so weird to me to be, like, curled up in my bed on the computer doing homework and stuff, and someone would just walk into the room, and it was their room, too," Ladisic said. "Having to share a mini-fridge and microwave and having to be used to someone else not being as neat as I was, it was definitely a struggle."

Other students have a much more roommate-specific issue. Thomas Frank, the head geek at the advice site College Info Geek, lived in a dorm with his high school best friend. The pair were a bad match who didn't see eye-to-eye on cleanliness, which led Frank to move out. He said the best way to handle a tough situation is to not be afraid to tackle it head on.

"You're gonna have roommate troubles, most likely, and my only tip is just don't be afraid to move out and use the campus housing system to find another room if there's one open, because you don't have to subject yourself to that," Frank said.

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