Size May Not Matter As Much As You Think For College Students

When it comes to penis size, the conventional wisdom is that bigger is always better, but according to a panel of college sex columnists, that's not the case.

Katherine Marrone, a sex columnist at the University of Oregon explained to HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker that a well-endowed man is not always a good thing, particularly when it causes the woman pain.

"It's not that bigger penis size equals better pleasure, necessarily,"Marrone said. "Now, if one finds a bigger penis more arousing mentally, then that's totally fine. But it's not necessary, and it's important to not put those standards on people and make people feel bad about their bodies if they don't have an 8-inch penis."

Boni Mata, a sex columnist for The Daily Californian at the University of California-Berkeley, weighed in saying men think about penis size more than women.

"I don't judge a man when he drops his pants, and I see that his penis is not as big as other partners I've had," Mata said.

Wesleyan University sex columnist Talia Bauer pointed out a few circumstances in which smaller may actually be preferable.

"A small penis can actually be much better for anal sex or oral sex," Bauer said.

Mata summed up the discussion this way: "Penis size needs to take a back seat."

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