Here's Some Slang You Only Hear On These College Campuses

Learn what NARP, GDI, SWUG and FAC mean.

College starts soon, and the best way to blend right into your college is to speak its language fluently.

Many of us here at The Huffington Post miss college like crazy, so we compiled a list of the weirdest, quirkiest slang we used when we were in college. 

Here's an quick list of words and phrases you might need to know before going back to school:

  • Sev: 7-11 convenience stores (Temple University)
  • Establish: show up to a party with a large group and set the tone for the event (Vanderbilt University)
  • Normies: what athletes called non-athletes (Northwestern University)
  • Grub crawl: the customary feasting ritual after the bars closed (Northeastern University)
  • Swemming: spending time at the Swem Library (College of William and Mary)
  • Juxtapose: a go-to word to sound intelligent in a critique when you weren't actually paying attention (Rhode Island School of Design)
  • Getting a Hot Chick: getting a greasy sandwich at the local deli (Georgetown University)
  • NARP: "non-athletic regular person," or students who were not on an athletic team at school (Dartmouth College)
  • Caking: staying up late on the phone with one's significant other (University of Georgia)
  • GDI: "goddamn independent," or students who aren't a part of Greek life (University of Missouri and elsewhere) Can also be pronounced "Geed," or referred to as "goddamn irrelevant" (at University of Virginia).
  • Kevin: someone who didn't have a Facebook account (New York University)
  • Gut: an easy class (Yale University)
  • Turkey: a male student who was not part of a frat (Colgate University)
  • Kick rocks: a turn of phrase meaning, "Get lost, shut up, go away." (Georgia State University)
  • "The boobs": Two semi-small hills in the middle of the campus (Elon University)
  • GFP: "Good for posting," or a window of time between getting ready for the night and pre-gaming, when you have approximately 15 minutes of attractive sobriety that can be acceptably posted on social media (American University)
  • Subfrosh: High school kids visiting the school (Colgate University)
  • Prefrosh: Refers to accepted students that haven't started freshman year (Dartmouth College and elsewhere)
  • BroPo: Brown University police (Rhode Island School of Design)
  • UGLi: Undergraduate library (University of Michigan)
  • Darty: Day party (Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Penn and elsewhere)
  • SWUG: Senior, washed up girl (Yale University and elsewhere)
  • Deucing: going to the local bar, named the Deuce, or The Mark II (Northwestern University)
  • The wave: something that was popular at the moment (New York University)
  • Banging salad: a guy who had great hair (Valparaiso University)
  • PTL: "post-thesis life," meaning the period of time that came after students finished their semesters-long theses (Princeton University)
  • FAC: Friday After Classes, when the bars open at 2 p.m. and sell fishbowls for $3 (Iowa State University)
  • Fat Sundays: Not moving all day and eating away your hangovers (University at Buffalo -- SUNY)
  • Getting buff: ordering a buffalo chicken sandwich (Johnson & Wales University in Providence)

Happy slanging!