College Students Are Still Recycling These Same Excuses for Skipping Class

College Students Are Still Recycling These Same Excuses for Skipping Class
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Every past or present college student has lied a time or two in order to get out of attending class. Even the brightest of students have their moment at least once in their college careers where they just lose the desire to go to class simply because they just need a break.

As brave as you may be in your mind no student is willing to be completely honest with their professor about why they can't come to class so what do most students do? They lie. Here are some of the best and not so good excuses students have used for not going to class:

I Am Sick

When it comes to skipping class most student's go to reason is that they are sick. While there are many college professors who are willing to accept this as a valid excuse there are also many who require a doctor's note if you are going to miss class. While not having a doctor's note may discourage some students from using this excuse, others have found loopholes such as creating a fake doctors note.

I Overslept

Didn't set your alarm clock last night or did you party too hard? Whatever the situation may be many students claim to miss class because they overslept. A study was conducted to determine if teens were getting sleep and while the study proved most aren't getting adequate sleep, there were still 14% of students who reportedly overslept on a regular basis.

My Car Broke Down

We all have experienced car trouble at some time or another. If you have a brand new car it's probably unlikely. It's probably also not a good excuse to say your car broke down if everyone knows you don't own a car or you live walking distance from campus. Teachers aren't that naïve.

Attending a Funeral

You should never wish bad on anyone and lying about someone's death is even worst. Much like doctor's notes many teachers ask for an obituary to prove you were in fact attending a funeral. If you aren't really attending a funeral refrain from using this as an excuse, you don't want to turn into the little boy who cried wolf.

My Dog Died

Many pet owners treat their dogs as kids so losing their dog could be traumatic. Before using this as an excuse (especially if you're lying) make sure your professor is actually a dog fan. If not, you may find yourself with an unexcused absence.

What excuses have you made for skipping out on school?

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