At Least 57 College Students Have Died This Fall Semester

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA- SEPTEMBER 18: A candlelight vigil attended by hundreds was held tonight at McIntyre Amphitheater (on the
CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA- SEPTEMBER 18: A candlelight vigil attended by hundreds was held tonight at McIntyre Amphitheater (on the UVA campus). The vigil was to honor Hannah Graham who went missing in downtown last Saturday morning. (Photo by Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Since classes started in August, at least 57 college students have died at campuses around the country.

Two Rutgers University students died, three of the 57 passed away at Michigan State University, and four students from Clemson University in South Carolina have died this year.

The Huffington Post tracked the news reports about campus deaths, and listed the names of each student below. As the list shows, there is no dominant cause of death, and a student passing away can happen at any type of campus.

Caitlyn Kovacs, 19; Rutgers University; Alcohol-related
Darsh Patel, 22; Rutgers University; Bear attack
Alexander Rickabaugh, sophomore; Duke University; Unknown
Tucker W. Hipps, 19; Clemson; Fall
Thomas Bearson, 18; North Dakota State University; Homicide
Phoebe Wang, 18; MIT; Unknown
Michael Gatto, 18; Georgia Southern University; Physical assault
Julia Ratnaraj, 18; Towson University; Fall
Morgan Nicole McGregor, 20; Michigan State University; Heart-condition
Amanda Hu, 20; University of Pennsylvania; Suicide
Cale Boedecker, 19; University of Missouri; Natural causes
Kendall Wernet, 20; Clemson; Fall off cruise ship
Joshua Mejia, 21; Penn State University; Car crash
Tong Shao, 20; Iowa State University; Possible homicide
Virginia Gilliam, 18; Clemson; Complications from a UTI
Brayon Molden, 23; Prairie View A&M University; Homicide
Justin Alan Hofferber, 19; Colorado Mesa University; Fall during hike
Parker Alexander Jordan, 22; University of Alabama; Suicide
Taylor C. Thomas, 20; Pittsburgh State University; Injury
Thomas Marshall, 21; University of Dayton; Cardiac arrest
Jessica Hunter, 21; Texas State University; Molly (drug use)
Maury Lorence, 22; Nebraska Wesleyan University; Hit by truck
Jocelyn Estrada, junior; St. Olaf College; Unknown
Andrew T. O'Neil, 23; Clemson; Unknown
Alexander Aninos, 22; Grand Valley State University; Car accident
Abigail Holland; Feather River College; intoxicants
Paige Porupski, senior; Murray State University; Unknown
Navanjeet Sahi, 21; Michigan State University; Natural causes
Rikessa Lee; Alcorn State University; During police chase
Jocelyn Amelia Straus, freshman; Emerson College; "Unattended"
Jiayi Dai, 19; Michigan State University; Alcohol-related
Dalton Debrick; Texas Tech University; Alcohol poisoning
Jack Crean, freshman; Penn State University; Suicide
Sara Stelzer, 18; San Diego State University; Meningitis
Samantha M. Lewis, 20; Chico State University; Suicide
Abdullah Alkadi, 23; Cal State Northridge; Homicide
Enoch Lee, 21; University of Delaware; Car accident
Christian Amadeus Taylor, 20; Texas A&M; sodium cyanide
Dorian Tawan Edwards, 19; North Carolina A&T; Shooting
Savannah Marie Piatt, 18; Oklahoma State University; Car accident
Chloe Malast, 21; University of Massachusetts; "Unattended"
David J. Echauri, 18; Pasadena City College; Car accident
Ilan Rasooly, 20; Cornell University; Fall
Ryan Hughson, graduate student; St. Bonaventure University; Found dead
Korey Ryan, 27; Shelton State Community College; Injuries
Hannah Graham, 18; University of Virginia; Possible homicide
Jacob Dahl, freshman; Northern State University; Car accident
Chi Lam; San Jose State University; Hit and run
Zachary Bradley, 20; University of California-Berkeley; Fall during a concert
Joseph M. McGowan, 21; University of Wyoming; Hit while trying to break up a fight
Olutoyosi Layeni Fatolu, 41; University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Found dead in her car, cause unknown
Tyler English, 20; Western Kentucky University; House fire
Sione Maumau, sophomore; Baker University; Cause unknown, no foul play suspected
Trey Alan Kurtz, 20; Blinn College; Shot to death

Additional deaths were reported at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, Pratt Institute and Iowa State University, though names were not released.

CORRECTION: Tyler English's death was previously attributed to a car wreck in this article; he died in a house fire.