College Students On Occupy Wall Street: Why We Are -- Or Are Not -- Occupying

The Occupy Wall Street has taken the nation by storm, inevitably transfixing students at hundreds of college campuses across America. As the Huffington Post's Amanda Fairbanks reported:

Occupy Colleges, which started as a Facebook page and Twitter handle less than two weeks ago, has quickly blossomed into a burgeoning movement bolstered by a groundswell of student-led support. As of Thursday morning [Oct. 13], student organizers at 136 college campuses -- from Sarah Lawrence College to Boise State University to San Diego City College -- have pledged to participate in Thursday's show of solidarity.

"Around the country, more and more high school students are foregoing a college education because their families can no longer afford it. So many more are graduating with inconceivable amounts of debt and stepping into the worse job market in decades," reads a statement on Occupy Colleges' website. "They take unpaid internships that go nowhere and soon can't pay college loans. We represent students who share these fears and support Occupy Wall Street."

However, many students are opting not to participate in the movement. Below, seven students share their reasoning for abstaining from the protests, while one gives his stirring reason for participating in the occupation.

Have you participated in an Occupy Wall Street protest? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section.