Far More College Students Riot Due To 'Drunken Idiocy' Than For Activism (INFOGRAPHIC)

Far More College Students Riot Due To 'Drunken Idiocy' Than For Activism

In the 1960's, California college students rioted when they were demonstrating about political causes. These days, they riot over, well, being drunk.

That's according to an infographic published by Clarity Way drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and republished here with permission. The outlet may have an interest in getting people to stop being "drunken idiots," but the trend of college parties turning into riots is one HuffPost has noted before.

At the top of the list, the University of California-Santa Barbara "Deltopia" celebration in 2014 was named the most out of control, involving 15,000 people. During that incident, KPCC reported there were at least 100 arrests and 44 injuries.

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The infographic notes the 1962 University of Mississippi riot involving close to 3,000 people, where two people died as segregationists protested against allowing one black student at the public institution. Thousands were involved in 1960's Berkeley riots, mostly University of California students, including one incident in 1969 that included around 4,000 people and grew out of a demonstration about the Arab–Israeli conflict.

But these days, college students tend to be more likely to riot over winning or losing a basketball game, or just because a party got out of hand.

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