College Students: Schedule an Informational Interview Next Semester

Business meeting
Business meeting

I get it--you're ready to completely sink into winter break mode. You've juggled classes and extracurricular activities for the past few months and finally tackled finals. I know how excited you are to relax without looming deadlines.

While it may be easy to spend countless hours binge watching all the Netflix shows you're behind on, I encourage you to do one thing to prepare for your future.

Schedule an informational interview with an employer you admire. Scan your current network for options and consider cold-emailing someone new. Below are three quick tips on why you should schedule an informational interview right now.

Learn in a low-pressure environment. While it may be intimidating to reach out to someone at your dream job or company, you'll be in control by asking the employer questions (rather than a typical interview format). If an employer agrees to meet with you, make sure you've done your research and have clear objectives in mind.

Get inside details about an organization or field. Although websites often do a decent job about describing an organization's culture, they usually rely on buzzwords that can sometimes cloud what an employee would experience. If you get the opportunity to meet with an employer at their office, you'll see firsthand how they operate and see whether you would fit well within their company culture.

Network. Informational interviews are a great place to do sneaky networking and deliver your own elevator pitch. Come prepared to your meeting with your resume and business card to give to the employer, especially if you're scouting for a new job or internship.

Getting the chance to learn more about your future career path from those living it daily is an opportunity college students at any stage should consider. Schedule a coffee date today!