College-Branded Pop Tarts Hit Shelves (PHOTOS)

Kellogg has released some new limited-edition Pop-Tarts that might excite some college sports fans -- the toaster pastries have university logos on them.

The strawberry-flavored Pop-Tarts will be available in Tar Heel Berry, University of Florida Florida Gators’ Strawberry, University of Georgia Bulldog Berry, University of Michigan Go Blue Strawberry, and Arkansas Razorbacks Razorback Red starting in early September. The flavor itself isn't new -- it's just the superimposed logo on top of the frosting that sets these Pop-Tarts apart.

The logo versions will be available in five states, and you can probably guess which ones. They will also be available to purchase at

This isn't the first time a food company has created a product based on college logos. Bud Light created "Fan Cans" a few years ago but didn't first get the universities' permission to use the logos. In Pop-Tarts' case, this is a partnership between Kellogg and the schools.

"We're excited by our consumers' positive response," says Dick Podiak, Pop-Tarts marketing director.

Check out the Pop-Tarts below (images courtesy of Kellogg):

University Pop-Tarts