College Junior Shares His Strategy For Getting The Most Out Of Tinder

Dating apps make the opportunities for on-campus romance even more endless, and Armstrong State University student Kebin Lopez is doing everything he can to take advantage of that.

His strategy? Saying "Yes" to all of the prospects he's presented with, he told HuffPost Live in a conversation on Monday.

"I'm just swiping right, right, right," Lopez explained."Me or other friends -- we swipe right on everything and then we weed out everything later. Make the executive decision later. It's just much easier than swiping left -- takes too much time."

But the college junior isn't worried about depleting his pool of viable options.

"At the end of the week you're just like, 'There's nobody else to swipe right on,'" he laughed. "[But] this is Tinder. This isn't like, 'I'm going to find my future wife on here.' I mean, I might, but probably not, you know?"

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