One Chart That Makes It Clear College Tuition Is Becoming Unaffordable

One Chart That Makes It Clear College Is Becoming Unaffordable

What makes college tuition more expensive? Americans' flatlining incomes.

A new chart made by our friends at FindTheBest shows not only has college tuition grown significantly faster than inflation, health care costs or the price of food, but higher education has gotten much more expensive due to a stagnant median income in the United States.

Using their historical tuition database, which was sourced from the National Center for Education Statistics, FindTheBest compared tuition growth with income data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

All dollar amounts are inflation-adjusted and the tuition data is strictly based on four-year public colleges and universities.

Couple this fact with federal Pell Grants already cover the smallest portion of the cost of college in the program's history, and declining support for public higher education, it's clear this issue isn't anywhere close to being solved.

Having trouble seeing the graph? This chart is best viewed on Google Chrome.

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