Is This College Worth It?'s Worst College ROI List

The graduates from these colleges tend to work in education, social work and criminal justice -- all customarily underpaid professions -- so perhaps it's unsurprising that these institutions have landed in the bottom five of's list of colleges with the lowest return on investment, or ROI.

According to economists at PayScale, a company that provides compensation data to individuals and employers, these schools' high tuition costs, low graduation rates and negative 30-year ROI statistics suggest that their graduates are not only on the road to small paychecks but also large debt loads -- if they graduate at all.

Sure, some of these students literally do God's work (looking at you, Valley Forge Christian College), but does it have to cost so much? Let us know what you think in the comments. PayScale explains its methodology over on its site.



College With The Worst ROI: PayScale List