These Are The Colleges With The Faster Internet Speeds (INFOGRAPHIC)

These Are The Colleges With The Faster Internet Speeds

Turns out that money doesn't buy everything, or at least not Internet speed.

Colleges and universities with the biggest endowments do not have the fastest Internet, according to an analysis conducted by Valore Books and

Their infographic of the results lists the top 25 Internet speeds in megabits per second (mbps) based upon how long it takes each school’s network to download and upload. Internet speeds are then compared with the top ten endowments, showing that the wealthiest schools don’t have the best Internet.

The only commonality is Texas A&M University, which ranks as the forth-fastest Internet speed and seventh-largest endowment.

The prize for fastest Internet goes to Lamar State College-Port Arthur, which has an endowment of $8 million (roughly 4,000 times less than Harvard’s endowment, which is the largest in the U.S.). Harvard may have money, but they're seriously lacking Internet speed.


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