Colleges That Produced The Most Members Of Congress

More members of Congress attended Harvard University than any other higher education institution, with 47 elected officials on Capitol Hill counted as Crimson alumni, according to data compiled and provided to The Huffington Post by Find The Best.

Georgetown University scores the distant runner up spot, with 20 members of Congress counted as alumni, followed by Yale University with 18. But after Yale in third, the Ivy League schools don't show up again until Princeton, Columbia and Dartmouth appear at No. 20.

The ranking includes only current U.S. Representatives and Senators. So while people like John Kerry and George H. W. Bush were both members of Congress, neither is counted in this ranking.

That allowed for flagship public universities in North Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Texas to muscle their way ahead of many of the Ivies. Two University of California schools -- Berkeley and Los Angeles -- made the top 20, along with California State University-Los Angeles.

Brigham Young University, a Mormon institution based in Utah, tied for 10th place with eight current members of Congress as alumni.

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About the methodology:

For every undergrad and graduate institution the representative or senator attended, the institution received one point. However, if the same representative went to Harvard for both undergrad and graduate school, Harvard would only receive one point for that politician.

Ex: Representative Y went to Harvard for undergrad, Harvard for law school, and Stanford for business school. Harvard and Stanford would each receive one point.