Colleges Where Students Are The Most Engaged In Community Service, According To Princeton Review

Brandeis University is considered the college where students are the most engaged in community service, according to the latest Princeton Review rankings. 

Loyola University  Maryland, Boston College and Creighton University, all religiously-affiliated schools, follow Brandeis among the top four in Princeton Review's ranking for 2015-16. 

It should be no surprise to people familiar with Brandeis, a private university with a deep connection to social justice causes. The school is named after Louis D. Brandeis, the first first Jewish Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, known for progressive views

Brandeis, based in Waltham, Massachusetts, has its own Department of Community Service and Brandeis Service Corps. The school hands out awards based on how many hundreds of hours of community service the students perform, and holds a social justice pre-orientation program

Princeton Review's ranking, released Monday, is based on surveys of students at 380 colleges and universities. 


  • 1. Brandeis University
    John Edward Linden/Arcaid Images via Getty Images
  • 2. Loyola University Maryland
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  • 3. Boston College
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  • 4. Creighton University
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  • 5. Tulane University
  • 6. U.S. Coast Guard Academy
    NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images
  • 7. Loyola Marymount University
  • 8. Pitzer College
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  • 9. College of William and Mary
  • 10. Pepperdine University
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