Colleges With The Happiest Students In 2015-16, According To Princeton Review

If you believe the word of Princeton Review's rankings, then Vanderbilt University in Nashville has the happiest students in the country.

Princeton Review's ranking of the colleges with the happiest students places Vanderbilt as No. 1, Virginia Tech at No. 2, Claremont McKenna College at No. 3 and Kansas State University in fourth.

The 2015-16 rankings, released Monday, are based on survey responses from more than 100,000 students at 380 colleges and universities.

Vanderbilt was named the happiest in last year's rankings as well. Vanderbilt's entire campus is an arboretum, making the school grounds feel as residential and removed as a university in a college town, while still being just a few miles from the vibrant Nashville music scene.

When the private university received the honor last year, the school boasted it was partly due to its need-blind financial aid that includes "grants rather than loans," as well as balance of academics and life outside the class, and because there's no competitive pressure on campus.

Joe Robbins via Getty Images

See the top 20 colleges with the happiest students, according to the Princeton Review, in the list below.

1. Vanderbilt University

2. Virginia Tech

3. Claremont McKenna College

4. Kansas State University

5. St. Mary's College of Maryland

6. University of Dayton

7. Clemson University

8. Whitman College

9. Rice University

10. Tulane University

11. Auburn University

12. University of California-Santa Barbara

13. Yale University

14. Washington State University

15. Southern Methodist University

16. Washington College

17. Loyola Marymount University

18. Middlebury College

19. Colby College

20. Gettysburg College