Colorado Springs Miller Moth Invasion Mostly Harmless -- Except For The Distracted Drivers

Been noticing more moths lately? You aren't alone. A warmer than usual winter means the dreaded Miller Moth migration came early to Colorado Springs this year. And with it, so came the familiar *plunk* *plunk* *plunk* of swarms flying into windows, light fixtures, cat paws, etc.

James Whidden, owner of Mug-a-Bug Pest Control in Colorado Springs told The Gazette the moths typically begin a six-to-eight week migration in mid-May. They're chasing wildflower blooms from the plains to the mountains, he said, and despite the nuisance, aren't directly harmful.

That said, beyond inspiring angry poetry, they can do some serious damage. An 18-year-old woman crashed her car May 1 after a swarm of moths distracted her. According to The Gazette, after the Colorado Springs woman lost control of her GMC Denali, it swerved off the road into a tree and burst into flames. Bystanders pulled her to safety through the driver's side window.

Colorado Springs Police blotter adds the woman sustained only minor injuries in the accident and did not appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

@MillerMoths, a satirical twitter account that represents the critters, has digitally pestered Front Range residents for the last several weeks. Responding to the woman's accident, @MillerMoths stated: