Colonel Sanders Memorabilia Gets Auctioned Off By KFC For Charity (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Look At This Really Old Colonel Sanders Memorabilia

Months after a white suit belonging to KFC founder Colonel Sanders sold at auction for a whopping $21,510, KFC is cashing in on the interest with a larger memorabilia auction. Proceeds will benefit Feeding America, a hunger relief organization, and the World Food Programme.

So what's on the auction block? Seventeen items that previously sat collecting dust in a secure underground storage facility in Louisville, Ken. They include some quirky items, like a Colonel Sanders portrait made of leather and a weathervane in his likeness, as well as the Colonel's invitation to the White House from President Jimmy Carter and a key to the city of St. Louis.

At time of publication, there were still serious deals to be had. That leather portrait? The highest bid was only $50. The weathervane, however, was already at $500.

Below, take a look at some of the most interesting items. Head over to Heritage Auctions for the full list.

Colonel Sanders Figural North-Rite Pen
Heritage Auctions
It's a pen with Colonel Sanders's face on it! Heck yeah, that's awesome.
Key To The City Of St. Louis
Heritage Auctions
In case you lost yours.
Medallion Presented To Colonel Sanders By President Nixon
Heritage Auctions
Tricky Dick must have really liked fried chicken.
Congressional Record Of Colonel Sanders's Death
Heritage Auctions
White House Invitation From President Jimmy Carter
Heritage Auction
Guess who was also invited? THE POPE. Seriously.
Colonel Sanders Weathervane
Heritage Auctions
Instead of telling you which way the wind is blowing, it points you toward the nearest KFC. (Not really. But it should.)
Leather Portrait Of Colonel Sanders
Heritage Auctions
The Colonel looks good in leather. That came out wrong.

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