Color Blindness Simulator: Etre's Online Tool Shows What It's Like To Live With A Limited Spectrum (PHOTOS)

There is a common misconception that color blindness involves seeing the world in monochromatic shades. Thanks to Etre, we can now debunk that myth.

The online company has created a color blindness simulator that shows users how they would perceive the world with different types of skewed color perception. The handy tool transforms an image of your choice and displays it as one of the three conditions of color blindness -- protanopia and deuteranopia (difficulties with the green-yellow-red section of the spectrum), or tritanopia (a rare blue-yellow color blindness).

color blind simulation etre
Without color blindness (L); with protanopia (R)

Check out our attempt at using Etre's new tool above. If you don't notice a difference, you're not alone -- one in 12 men suffer form a form of color blindness (and 0.4 percent of women). Here's another color challenge you can take to further test your color deciphering skills, and for more insight into the phenomenon of color blindness, check out the slideshow below which shows that one of the world's greatest artists, Vincent van Gogh, may have have suffered from protanopia.

Vincent van Gogh -- Colorblind? Shedding Light On A Theory