This Mesmerizing Hair Dye Changes Color With Heat

It's like a mood ring. For your hair.

One hair color isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A billion hair colors.

OK, so it’s not quite one billion hair colors. But Pravana, the haircare company behind the Blonde Wand hair iron, just broke the internet with the promise of a magical hair dye that changes color when heat is applied.

It's getting HOT in herre! 🔥 #PRAVANA

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The brand posted a series of Instagram photos Tuesday that show the hair color in action. In one, purple hair turns pink right before your eyes. In another, a pink, yellow and blue ‘do turns a gorgeous shade of blue-green. Basically, it looks like having the coolest mood ring ever, but for your hair.

The concept of color-changing hair dye made waves recently. In a series of short films released during London Fashion Week, U.K. brand The Unseen debuted a dye called Fire that is “responsive to the wearer’s environment, changing color based on temperature fluctuations.” An automated e-mail response from The Unseen said the company is working toward a release date.

Pravana, meanwhile, teased its colorful Instagrams with the hashtag #STAYTUNED, and we’ve reached out for more information on possible dates and pricing. But whichever product comes first, it looks like the trippy, mind-blowing hair of our dreams might actually be a reality someday soon.

🎶 The heat is ON 🎷🔥#PRAVANA #STAYTUNED

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It’s not clear from the videos how long a color lasts once heat is applied. If nothing else, though, it sure makes for some compelling Instagram fodder.

This post may be updated with additional information as it becomes available.