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6 Color Ideas We're Tired Of Seeing In Home Design (PHOTOS)

Choosing colors for our homes is a difficult task, don't get us wrong. Sometimes we're so scared to make a commitment to a hue, we end up going with a safe and, dare we say, boring combination. Other times, we may lean too heavily on trends we see in magazines or on TV that our spaces become, well, cliché. You know what we're talking about: Those rooms that end up looking more like ads than spaces that reflect the people that live there.

Scroll through and let us know if you'd agree with the six color palettes we're tired of seeing in design.

1. Pale Pink and Chocolate Brown:
Been there done that.
2. Grey and Lemon Yellow:
This was fresh and exciting... a few years ago.
3. Beige and White
: Talk about being safe.
4. Light Blue and Brown:
Again with the chocolate? Other neutrals work with blue, too.
5. Red, White and Black:
Some may say it's a classic, but this combo can be a bit jarring in a space.
6. Green and Brown:
These colors go great in nature, but you can get a little more creative in your home.

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