Clairvoyant Says Wear This Color If You Want To Be The Most 'Magnetic' Person In The Room

Nope, not red.

If you've got an event or a date coming up, you might want to ditch the classically safe neutrals and go for something with a little more pop.

Dougall Fraser, a proclaimed psychic and clairvoyant, has always been deeply in tune with energy and colors, and specifically how the two relate to each other. As he explains in the above video, the Law of Attraction plays a big role in his beliefs, and there's one particular color that makes the biggest statement.

"If I had to connect one color to the Law of Attraction, it's green," Fraser says. "It's about enthusiasm, it's about creativity, it's a very kinetic color."

I often say, 'If you want to be the most magnetic person in the room, think green.'

"If you wear green, if you meditate with green, if you think green, you are inviting attention to you," Fraser continues. "If you're going to a party and you want to meet people, you want to wear green. I often say, 'If you want to be the most magnetic person in the room, think green.'"

Those who aren't naturally outgoing can also benefit from experimenting with green, Fraser adds. "If you're a shy person, green might overwhelm you, but it's also something to flirt with," he says. "Allow people to see you."

As a clairvoyant, Fraser says he can see auras of certain colors surrounding each person. He views those who radiate green as natural performers. 

"I'll see [green] around poets, writers, speakers, authors, performers on any level," Fraser says. "They enjoy the energy of performance."

So, he points out, wearing and thinking green is as much about visually showcasing your own energy as it is about attracting others. 

"Green helps us attract attention to us, but really, really deliver our message at the same time," Fraser says.

Another colorful tip from Dougall Fraser:



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