Colorado Brewery Ships Canned Water To South Carolina Flood Victims

Swapping hops for H2O.

A beer maker is putting a halt on ale to focus on aid. 

Colorado-based Oskar Blues Brewery shipped more than 1,600 cases of clean drinking water to Columbia, South Carolina, on Monday, to aid victims of the state’s devastating floods, with plans to send thousands more in the upcoming week. The brewers are hopping on the relief efforts with their nonprofit counterpart, the CAN’d Aid Foundation, with a focus particularly on helping underserved communities damaged by the extreme weather.

“We sure are proud that the [Oskar Blues] gang rallies to support the community,” the CAN’d Aid Foundation wrote on its Facebook page. “Our thoughts are with everyone in S.C. -- here's to a speedy recovery.”

The initial shipment of water, canned at the brewery’s Brevard, North Carolina, facility, was delivered to Columbia on a semi-truck, according to a press release provided to The Huffington Post. The brew crew plans to send out another two trailers, totaling 2,800 cases of water, on Oct. 16.

The team at Oskar Blues Brewery experienced similar devastation when their hometown of Lyons, Colorado, was damaged by severe flooding in 2013. The brewery stepped in to help, leading to the establishment of the CAN’d Aid Foundation.

“Today, we're honored to step up and lend a helping hand to our friends in South Carolina who are suffering from their own flooding,” Oskar Blues Brewery wrote on its Facebook page. “Alongside CAN'd Aid, we're working to can water for families in need - it's not a lot, but we sure hope it helps.”

South Carolina’s floods were a result of rainfall that Gov. Nikki Haley called the worst in a thousand years. The deadly waters ravaged businesses and homes, with reporting a death toll of at least 19 people.

To learn more about the brewery’s relief efforts, or to donate, click here.


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