Colorado Drilling Operations Causing Water To Burst Into Flames (VIDEO)

WATCH: Flaming Faucets A Consequence Of Drilling In Colorado

The controversial oil and gas drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has come under congressional scrutiny lately after concerns that the mysterious fluids used in the process may contaminate drinking water and harm the environment. While Congress and the EPA in states like Texas--where high rates of leukemia in certain areas have led some to suggest a link to drilling-- are launching investigations into fracking, no such study has been required in Colorado, where local news station KDVR recently caught some shocking footage.

In Weld County, where drilling is a major industry, natural gas contamination is causing water from faucets to literally burst into flames. The state agencies responsible for regulating oil and gas pollution say they are satisfied with the current level of regulation, and downplayed the risk that natural gas contamination could lead to the type of water pollution that may have caused cancer in Texas.

Check out KDVR's shocking footage:

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