Colorado Flooding Before And After Photos

LOOK: Dramatic Before And After Colorado Flood Photos

These before-and-after photos of the catastrophic flooding that wreaked havoc in Colorado, affecting at least 1,918 square miles of the state and resulting in the likely deaths of 10 people and nearly $2 billion in property damage, offer a glimpse into the scope of devastation that this 1000-year storm brought down some Colorado communities.

HuffPost matched high-resolution satellite images of flooded areas from DigitalGlobe via Getty Images with high definition photos of those same flooded regions on Google Earth. Use the slider bar on each image to see the before and after photos of the affected region.

Boulder, Colorado:

Golden Ponds Park and nearby neighborhood in Longmont, Colorado:

Lyons, Colorado:

Lyons, Colorado:

Twin Peaks Neighborhood and Golf Course in Longmont, Colorado:

Boston Avenue area of Longmont, Colorado:

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