Tokers Line Up to Legally Purchase Marijuana in Colorado

Newly licensed recreational marijuana retailers in Colorado experienced long lines of customers eagerly awaiting the opportunity to be among the first to purchase a sack of da kind bud on the official first day of state-legal marijuana sales.

Tokers even traveled in from neighboring states to be a part of what most feel is the beginning of the end of the prohibition of marijuana in the United States.

"It's a big deal just to be able to come from another state and be able to, take part in this," Reid Gannon, who drove from Montana proclaimed.

Just last week, an approximate 136 retailers received their licenses to sell recreational marijuana, but only an estimated 30 stores were open for business on January 1 throughout the state.

Denver's Mayor Michael Hancock claims that he's contented about how the city executed the implementation of Amendment 64.

"I want to thank the businesses and consumers alike for acting responsibly and with great accountability today. Denver is a progressive city, a vibrant city, and it's incumbent on all of us to continue getting this right," Mayor Hancock avowed.

Although voters in both Colorado and Washington voted to allow the sales of marijuana to adults of a certain age limit in 2012, Colorado is the first of the two states to actually establish regulated retail outlets. Washington is slated to have their retail marketplace up and running by the end of 2014.

Under Colorado's Amendment 64, residents 21 and older are legally able to purchase up to an ounce per visit at any one retailer, while out-of-state patrons are restricted to buying a quarter ounce per visit.

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