Colorado Politicos' Twitter Haiku Hilarity Confirms Our Suspicions: A Slow News Day At The State Capitol

You know it's a slow day at the Colorado Capitol when... politicos break into spontaneous legislative haiku battles on twitter. No, we aren't kidding. Yes, we're glad it happened. And somebody, please buy Gazette reporter John Schroyer a burrito.

We aren't entirely sure what started it, but the first tweet tagged with #Schroyerhaiku can be attributed to The Pueblo Chieftain's political reporter Patrick Malone. From there, it seems every reporter (and at least one state legislator) in an otherwise yawn-inducing Joint Budget Committee hearing took on the task of crafting some fairly witty haiku.

Surprisingly (as of this writing), @Yo_JBC_Raps, a satirical twitter account devoted to rhyming throwdowns on Joint Budget Committee affairs, has yet to weigh in. We're assuming it's some sort of Superman/Clark Kent dilemma.

Not all are up to the formal haiku standard of 5 syllables/7 syllables/5 syllables, but who's counting?

READ some of Colorado's top journalists throw down geeky haiku:



Bored In Committee, Colorado's Political Journalists Take To Twitter For Haiku