Colorado City Council May Consider Making Rifle Ownership Mandatory

Colorado Town May Consider Making Rifle Ownership Mandatory

Despite the state's recent laws restricting high-capacity magazines and expanding background checks on gun buyers, one Colorado town may be moving in the opposite direction.

Craig Rummel, a resident of Craig, Colo., a small town of 9,000 in the state's northwest corner, proposed to the city council on Tuesday a measure that would require the head of every household to own an assault rifle, according to the Craig Daily Press.

If passed, the measure would make exceptions for certain individulas, such as those with mental disabilities, convicted felons and anyone unable to afford a gun (nearby gun shop Elk River Guns told The Huffington Post its basic AR-15 rifles start at $750).

The city council didn't move on Rummel's proposal Tuesday, but one council member asked whether it would be better to pass a resolution instead of a law, the Daily Press wrote.

Craig isn't the first U.S. city to see such an arguably controversial measure.

In early April, the city council of a small town in northern Georgia approved an ordinance that would require certain households to have a gun and ammunition to "provide for emergency management of the city," the Associated Press reported. And in February, the Los Angeles Times reported on a small town in Utah that is seeking to do much the same thing.

Assault rifles have been the focus of a tense national debate recently, after Adam Lanza used one to kill 26 people in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14, 2012. But gun control at the federal level has proven difficult to push through Congress: Last week such efforts suffered a major setback when the U.S. Senate fell short of passing a law to expand background checks on gun buyers, despite evidence that such a measure is supported by 90 percent of Americans.

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