Colorado Shooting Witness: 'We Thought It Was Part Of The Movie' (VIDEO)

'We Thought It Was Part Of The Movie'

Quentin Caldwell, a Colorado man present at the Aurora movie theater when alleged shooter James Holmes unleashed a torrent of gunfire, killing at least 12 and wounding scores more, says the audience thought it was all part of the premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises."

In the video above, Caldwell says the gunfire broke out around 30 minutes into the movie, during a segment that featured a firefight between characters. The audience appeared unassuming at first, Caldwell said, until a theater-goer yelled that someone had been shot. Caldwell saw multiple gunshot victims around the theater and shortly thereafter an announcement was made about the emergency, prompting attendees to attempt to leave the theater.

Below, another eyewitness video documents the mayhem that ensued after the shooting.

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