Colorado Snow Arrest: Footprints Lead Investigators To Robber

2 feet of snow can do more than make getting around town difficult: it can help police catch a thief. The Denver Channel reports that Greenwood Village police, responding to a convenience store robbery report, tracked the suspect down by following his footprints in the snow.

The men ran off but officers were able to track the footprints in the snow to the Motel 6 just a half-mile west of 7-Eleven.

Officers made several attempts to talk to the men. After finding a third man in the motel room, at approximately 11:45 a.m., all three voluntarily surrendered and were taken into custody without incident.

According to the Denver Post, the suspects escaped Oct. 25 from the Arapahoe County Centennial Community Transition Center. Investigators told 7news they suspect that the three men broke into a Subway Restaurant earlier in the week.