Colorado Tumbleweed Problem Is No Joke: 'We Can't Get Out Of Our Homes'


If you still think that tumbleweeds only exist in the singular, rolling friendless across the desert landscape like the background of a Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner cartoon, we've got breaking news for you.

Entire neighborhoods near Colorado Springs, Colo. are overrun by the pesky plants. Rakes, shovels and even snow plows are being used to clear the tumbleweeds, which have blocked streets and covered cars.

Thanks to high winds in the area, the tumbleweeds have gotten so bad that some residents can't even leave their driveways and have called 911 for help.

Along with becoming a major nuisance, the weeds also pose a wildfire hazard in dry areas. "It would set the whole thing ablaze," if a backfiring car or lit cigarette butt ignited a tumbleweed, Colorado Springs resident Melissa Walker told KRDO.

"It's not just a few tumbleweeds," she added. "It really is a block full of tumbleweeds. We can't drive. We can't walk. We can't get out of our homes."

Check out photos of the tumbleweed invasion below:

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