Colorblind Man Sees Sunset For First Time, And It's 'F*cking Cool'

This guy has a new outlook on the world -- and it’s bright and colorful.

Aaron Williams-Mele, who is colorblind, posted an emotional video of himself seeing the sunset for the first time while wearing colorblindness-correcting glasses. 

Williams-Mele received a pair of EnChroma glasses for his birthday, he wrote on YouTube, which is eyewear that allows people who are colorblind to experience hues and tones they may have never seen before. He tried out the glasses at sunset at Whitehurst Beach, in Virginia, and is visibly overwhelmed in the video above.

“I’m shaking,” he says. “This is a lot different than what I thought it was going to be like.”

Watch the emotional moment above. Since the video was uploaded on August 15, it's received over 840,000 views as of Monday.

Warning: Williams-Mele launches into a slew of expletives describing what he’s seeing for the first time. But it’s understandable.


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