Take A Test And Find Out If You Are A Color Master

Are you color-deficient? Or are you a COLOR MASTER?

Calling all artists, critics, creatives of any kind, oracles, crystal gazers, nature fiends, chefs, fashionistas -- basically, anyone who enjoys color on a daily basis. Sure, you appreciate a deep azure or a crisp cerulean -- but can you decipher between the two?

It's time to put your peepers to the test. We stumbled across a test on Social Eyes, that, through a quick series of exercises, assesses just how well your brain digests the spectral compositions of light reflected by objects.

So, do you dare to put your vision to the test? You might not be colorblind (a person experiencing colorblindness may only be able to distinguish up to 20 different hues in their daily lives), but you could be color-deficient (meaning, you are seeing less than the 100 or more hues that a normal-sighted person can see).

Well, you can take Social Eyes' quiz HERE and let us know how you fared in the comments. Or, you can try our unofficial, unscientific quiz below. Can you beat a HuffPost Arts editor at a game of Guess Which Color Doesn't Belong? You can sure as hell try. Differentiate at least 10 of the colors below and you can crown yourself a pigment master.

HUFFPOST COLOR QUIZ: Are You A Pigment Master?

Which of the four shapes is a different color? Slide each image to reveal the answer.

Tweet your results! If you scored above a 10 out of 15, you are officially a pigment master.

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