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Colorful Cake Recipes: 7 Bright Cakes With No Food Coloring

Including indigo AND violet.

Cakes are a celebratory food, so it only makes sense that we sometimes bake them in vibrant shades of red, yellow and blue. But is there a way to make beautiful, eye-catching cakes without food coloring?

We've already rounded up the most gorgeous velvet cakes made in every color of the rainbow, but we wanted to seek out the tastiest-looking cakes with naturally bright colors.

For red we found a naturally pink strawberry cake, and for orange we sought out a delicious-looking, well, orange cake. But some of the ingredients for these colorful cakes will surprise you -- who knew a cake baked with potatoes could take on a vibrant purple hue?

Check out these naturally vibrant cakes -- one for every color of the rainbow (including indigo and violet):

Fresh Strawberry Cake

Naturally Vibrant Cakes In Every Color

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