Colton Haynes Drops Some Real Talk About Living With Anxiety

Preach. 🙌

Actor Colton Haynes is the latest celebrity to expose the reality of what it's like to live with an anxiety disorder -- and we couldn't applaud him more for it.

Last night the "Arrow" and "Teen Wolf" star tweeted a message of support for fans who may be struggling with anxiety. He also detailed his own experience with the mental health disorder, a condition that affects nearly 40 million American adults.

"For those of you who are suffering with intense anxiety...ur not alone," Haynes wrote on Twitter. "It's been a constant struggle for me since 5th grade. It's a battle."

The star also revealed that he's battled agoraphobia, a type of anxiety disorder that causes sufferers to fear and avoid certain places they think may cause panic or panic attacks.

Opening up about any health condition certainly isn't easy, but discussing mental illness can be particularly challenging given the stigma attached to it. Despite the fact that one in four people globally will experience a mental health issue at some point in their life, a large percentage of people with mental illness feel that others are not understanding of their condition.

Raw, honest testimonies from celebrities like Haynes help give a public platform to mental health. Singer Demi Lovato, author John Green and comedian Wayne Brady have all been vocal about their own experience with mental illness. Research shows fear of judgment and shame may prevent people with mental health issues from seeking treatment. The way people talk about mental health -- like celebrities speaking out about their own experiences, for example -- may help alleviate that negative stereotype.

It's yet another positive step toward eradicating stigma. Bravo.

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