Columbia Journalism Review Cuts Print Back To Twice Yearly

In an effort to better align our resources with our mission, we have decided to significantly boost our investment inColumbia Journalism Review’s digital operations, while shifting the print magazine schedule from bimonthly to two special issues per year.

The print magazine has a revered place in American journalism. For half a century, it was the primary means by which CJR delivered ideas and criticism to its loyal audience. But in the past decade, our print readers have steadily declined while our online audience has ballooned, with visits up 35 percent over last year. Continuing to spend so many resources on print is, regrettably, limiting our ability to invest fully in digital. This strategic shift will allow us to move more forcefully into the realm our readers already inhabit, without abandoning print.

Nothing about our journalistic ambitions will change. We will continue to deliver probing pieces on media institutions and practices—as the watchdog of the watchdogs. We will profile important players in our field, and those who are impacting it. We will strive to be intellectual leaders in the field of journalism and bold advocates of the First Amendment.

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