Columnist's Eyes 'Can't Roll Back Enough' When Sanders Plays 'Woman Card' For Trump CIA Pick

This is the "most sexist administration in modern history," scoffs New York Times' Michelle Goldberg.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders tried to guilt feminist Democrats into backing CIA deputy director Gina Haspel to head the agency — despite accusations of past support for waterboarding — because she’s a woman.

“I’m sorry, my eyes cannot roll back enough in my head,” New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg quipped on an MSNBC panel Sunday.

Goldberg was responding to a tweet by Sanders, which called “any Democrat who claims to support women’s empowerment but opposes” Haspel’s nomination a “total hypocrite.”

Goldberg slammed Sanders for “playing the woman card” despite Donald Trump and his administration’s record on women.

Goldberg was affronted by the twisted outrage “that there is no kind of feminist in America who is rooting for the first female waterboarder to take power.”  She was taken aback that the “most sexist administration in modern history” was “going to play the woman card.” Goldberg added: “They’re not supportive of women.”

Check out the comments in the video above. Goldberg responds at 1:40.

Haspel has come under fire from both parties — and men and women — for a history at the CIA that includes links to waterboarding. 

The Washington Post reported Sunday that Haspel offered to withdraw her name from consideration to head the CIA to spare the agency’s reputation — and her own — and to dodge possible confirmation defeat.

As the head of a clandestine base in Thailand in 2002, Haspel oversaw the interrogation of a terror suspect that reportedly included waterboarding. Haspel also allegedly played a part in destroying tapes of the session. 

Several Twitter responses to Sanders’ comments about backing Haspel took the same perspective as Goldberg did: