.Com Generation

In this fast paced society, we see many variations in the diversification of two generations who are different in age, but the same in deed. I can't attribute the nature we have developed of instant results expressed in instant messages, instant food and instant search of information, to the millennial generation which has emerged as impatient, who are driving trends and ultimately the markets particularly in technology and consumer product sectors.

The .com generation is the combination of the old and young who are living in the current era. We would go to an extend that what we see young people doing today, it has been started by their elders in the days of the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates; whether technological or how we behave. It's not a surprise the spillover effects of the 20th century we see them more vividly on an advanced level. Yes, we also witness moral decay at its highest ever too, whether we blame that to Hollywood and media, people have a choice to do, or not to. The enduring factor is also fading away even in marriages.

However, I must say the west has a major part in the nature of how the world is today, they have influenced cultures to a point people abandoned their cultures and became faithful disciples. It's amazing how movies, songs, books and shows like American Idols can do in changing the world literally.

Coming back to young people who have been subject to criticism, we might be criticized for our shortermisim mentality and approach, but we are the ones who have cut time short in the delivery of messages, news and a lot of things. If everyone was contempt with how things were, there would not be a car; a portion of impatience in business is necessary to propel us to greater discoveries.

When veteran entrepreneurs thought they had keys to success, technology came along, changed locks and gave new keys to young people.

The truth is, the world is busy shrinking, it has become an integrated society that is not divided by borders, what happens in the north, affects the south east; gradually our hopes, values and aspirations are merging to become the same.

The 20th century is remembered by its two world wars, decolonization and more importantly, industrial revolution; our dispensation will go down in history by the rise of the east, globalization, digitalization and none stop of disruptive technological revolution. If you look closely, this global economic is driven by constant innovation and by intense competition with major corporations monopolizing industries.

Attention span is very short, with many things competing for our attention like billboards, our smartphones which we look at 150 times on average per day, media and politicians urging on what's supposed to be done and why is not done just yet; also evidenced in tweets which are 170 characters per message, it shows how less focused we are on long messages, ads, weight loss programs, we just want quick fix.

Great highlights of our millennium will be of the increase of the middle class, modern integration of cultures, beliefs and lifestyles, resulting into one society despite decentralized centers of power.

The same negative impatience is setting us apart by pushing us to come up with solutions that will solve things in a short period of time. Certainly, the world will never be the same where the common quote that "change is the only constant" is in plain view every day.