Tracey's Dream Weavers, Combined Beauty Shop And Gun Store, Faces Federal Firearm Charges

'Where Beauty And Bullets Collide'

A Kansas salon and gun store whose slogan is "where beauty and bullets collide" has run headlong into the law.

The couple behind Tracey's Dream Weavers Salon and Sporting Goods in Augusta are facing firearms charges, the Wichita Eagle reported.

Tracey Eberhart, 41, was charged in federal court on separate counts of helping a felon (her husband Jeffrey) to possess firearms, and providing firearms for a felon. Jeffrey Eberhart, a 50-year-old once convicted of arson and illegal gun possession, is accused of illegally possessing a firearm and selling guns without a license, the paper said.

Both were in custody on Thursday afternoon and the gun section of the store has been closed, acting manager Amanda Stroman told The Huffington Post on Thursday. (Gun content and the "beauty and bullets" motto were expunged from the company website by Thursday night.)

Tracey Eberhart told investigators she wanted to focus on weapons sales to women, the Eagle said. In filling out the application for her perm-and-pistol palace, she didn't include her husband, KFDI wrote.

Federal agents say they bought guns from Jeffrey Eberhart at both Dream Weavers and at a gun show, where Eberhart wore a Dream Weavers T-shirt, according to KFDI.

Neither of the spouses had an attorney yet, reported the Associated Press, but Stroman said "they do have representation."

Tracey Eberhart was identified as the "full owner" on the website.

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