Comcast Attacks Net Neutrality Along With Pennsylvania Rep.

The Sunlight Foundation reports that Pennsylvania Rep. Robert Brady signed a letter to the Federal Communications Commission critical of its new network neutrality policies.

Of the 72 lawmakers who signed onto the letter, Brady is the leading recipient of campaign contributions from telecom companies -- since 2007 alone he's received $91,650 just from Comcast, which is based in his district of Philadelphia.

Comcast, which has played an aggressive role in the debate over net neutrality, spent $3 million on lobbying in the third quarter of the year, according to disclosure reports.

Not surprisingly, Brady has a long history of supporting Comcast's policies. And the letter sent to FCC bears a striking resemblance to Comcast's announcement on net neutrality.

"...we believe in a transparent, data-driven process and stand ready to work with you on measures that will spur adoption and expand the use of broadband networks. But we remain suspicious of conclusions based on slogans rather than substance and policies that restrict and inhibit the very innovation and growth that we all seek to achieve."

"We appreciate and support Chairman Genachowski's commitment to have a fair, fact-based, and data driven process to explore these issues. We continue to hope that any rules adopted by the Commission will not harm the investment and innovation that has made the Internet what it is today and that will make it even greater tomorrow."

PC World reports that Rep. Marsha Blackburn moved to stymie the FCC's efforts at net neutrality, introducing the Real Stimulus Act of 2009, prohibiting the FCC from imposing more regulations on the Internet.

The congresswoman asserts that the FCC's rules "ironically would make the Internet less neutral by allowing the FCC to regulate it in the same way it regulates radio and television broadcasts."