Comcast Demanded Cable Box Back In Wake Of Hurricane Sandy, Victim Claims

Your house may be in danger of exploding, but that apparently would not stop Comcast from asking for its cable box back.

Blogger Seth Clifford writes that while his parents' home in Mantoloking, NJ survived Hurricane Sandy, the house is still at risk of being destroyed due to a ruptured gas main on their street that is releasing fumes into the air. According to Clifford, shifting winds could cause the "entire area could ignite."

But the precarious situation isn't the only thing Clifford's parents have to worry about. According to his blog, Comcast told Clifford's mom that if they were unable to return the company's cable box, they would be charged.

Clifford writes that they would have to charter a boat or helicopter because of the extensive damage in the area.

The Consumerist blog asked Comcast to reply to Clifford’s complaint. The cable provider issued the following statement:

We have already reached out to apologize for adding to his parents’ difficulties and to ask for his parents’ contact information so we can call to personally apologize and assure them that we are handling the equipment without the need for them to do anything further. Please know we are working with our teams to ensure we handle all customer calls on a case-by-case basis with sensitivity to the devastating effects Hurricane Sandy had on so many of our local communities and residents. Again, we are of course notating his parents account to ensure they are not charged for equipment they can’t return.

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