Comcast ‎Xfinity Truck Blocks Traffic, Sends Cars Careening Off Icy Road

Worker say "that's funny" when confronted by an angry motorist.

Comcast is investigating what some motorists are calling unsafe conditions after the company’s ‎Xfinity workers blocked part of an icy road at the bottom of a blind ridge in Indianapolis.

Because of the ridge, motorists didn’t see the cones as quickly as they would on a flat road ― and in footage going viral online, multiple cars slide off the icy road, with some slamming into each other.

The person who shot the footage Tuesday confronted Comcast workers several times, demanding additional cones and pointing to the cars sliding off the road.

“That’s funny,” a worker in the clip says when asked about the accidents.

Another worker arrives and states the policy is for one traffic cone for every 10 miles per hour of the speed limit.

“Even after the accident happened in front of them, they continued to work, not changing any of their ‘safety’ procedures,” the person, using the handle Amish Hacker, wrote on YouTube. “They showed ZERO concern for the safety of people before or after the accidents.”

Other motorists put out their own cones in an effort to give drivers a little more warning. 

Comcast said it was investigating. 

Our employees should always protect people and treat them with respect no matter what the situation,” Ed Marchetti, senior vice president of technical operations, said in a statement posted on the company’s website. “Safety matters most – especially in dangerous weather conditions like this.”

Police told WRTV, the local ABC station, that nothing illegal occurred, so they are not investigating, but they said drivers should reduce speed in hazardous road conditions.

However, several posters on a Reddit thread say it appears the conditions violated OSHA safety regulations. As a result, local CW affiliate WISH said the Indiana Department of Labor has opened an investigation.




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