Comcast Purchasing NBCU Rumors Run Rampant: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer October 1, 2009

Comcast Purchasing NBCU Rumors Run Rampant: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer October 1, 2009
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Sources are reporting that Comcast is in talks to purchase NBCU. Reputable news organizations say that no one will officially comment, and that talks are preliminary, however some bloggers say the deal is done for an estimated $35 billion. Of course, it's always company policy not to comment on rumors or speculation

Tivo is reporting that approximately 46% of viewers are watching The Jay Leno Show after its initial air date. While the number may seem high, it has actually decreased from when NBC was airing different content during the 10 pm time slot. While the amount of people watching NBC timeshifted has decreased, both CBS and ABC viewers have increased their timeshifted viewing.

The House Energy & Commerce Committee passed a new bill yesterday that sets new rules for P2P sharing. The Informed P2P User Act puts requirements on P2P software, making users "opt in" before they begin using the technology. The bill limits the definition of peer-to-peer to sharing that includes personal data, including financial records and health records and does not address sharing through instant messenger, email or other real time messaging services.

TerreStar and AT&T have signed a deal to bring satellite mobile phones to market. The deal, a first of its kind, finds AT&T experimenting with TerreStar's network, which provides mobile broadband to consumers by way of a satellite. The first available offering will be the TerreStar GENUS, a smartphone that will run on AT&T's network, but will be able to access TerreStar's satellite service.

A new broadband study finds that South Korea, Japan and Sweden have the highest quality broadband on the planet. The Cisco sponsored study noted not only broadband penetration, but also quality of connection. The United States fell into the second level of countries in the study, with the study noting that overall broadband access in the US can handle the needs of citizens, an increase over the US's placement last year.

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