Comcast Survives Cord Cutting, The Fine Brothers Melt Down, Viacom's Redstone Battle

We're back with another edition of Hacking TV. This week, Comcast is not being strangled by cord cutting, and more news from the world of earnings. Then, YouTube's hit-making team The Fine Brothers step into a world of hurt. And Is war about to break out in the world of Sumner Redstone? I'm Steve Rosenbaum And I'm Saul Hansell, and this is Hacking TV.

Chapter 1 - Earnings Part 2: Comcast Reports:

Comcast defies trends and gains cable subscriptions

New York Times Co. Announces Newsroom-wide Strategy Review

Chapter 2: YouTube Controversy

Chapter 3 The Viacom Soap Opera Continues

Les Moonves Is Pushing CBS To Compete With Netflix and Hulu

Sumner Redstone Resigns From CBS Post; Leslie Moonves Replaces Him